Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Give a hand to wildlife

Another post about art. This time its on the body instead of the ground (but still just as breathtakingly stunning). 

Its the ads done for World Wildlife Fund. I realize that they are a little dated but, like I said before, the internet is a wonderful thing. 

At first glance, these ads have nothing to do with giving money to wildlife. The beauty comes when you delve deeper into the image (which you are bound to do), read the text and connect the double entendre. Simply genius; and I love it.

These ads are the product of Saachi & Saatchi Switzerland and body painter Guido Daniele. Its simply astounding how gorgeously Daniele can replicate basically anything onto the body with paint, particularly animals. Its so lifelike that its almost scary. I mean, you can tell that they aren't actually animals but, its hard to believe that they are really hands; especially that they are really hands that haven't been photoshop-ed.

Once you have gotten over the sheer incredibleness of the hand painting, your eyes float up to the logo and copy.

And then the ah-ha moment. Giving a hand to wildlife can be taken as helping wildlife by donating or, as the people in the ad have so kindly done, volunteering your hand to be painted as wildlife for WWF.

Maybe I get too excited about things like this but, when I realized that those were hands painted as animals and made the connection between that and the type, I seriously did a little happy dance. This probably relates back to previous post with my new mantra " Obsessions make my life worse and my work better". I'm so in love with advertising and art (and font) that any and all well-executed piece is really exciting to me.

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