Tuesday, November 15, 2011

False advertising

Liars. Untrustworthy. Misleading. Profit before people.

These are a few of the negative connotations of the industry. Unfortunately, those opinions are there for a reason. Once upon a time, advertising was so hyperbolic, it was comical; well, at least it's comical to us now. At the time, however, I'm sure the people weren't so excited to be tricked so blatantly by advertising. 

Although I believe we have moved away from such a realm of lies, even I don't believe every ad that I see. I realize that some people hold different moral standards and rationalize lying to the public in different ways. 

But, when the product is so completely different from the ad, how could you convince yourself for even a second that people accept it? This image, for example, displays the drastic difference between what you see on TV and what you get at the drive thru window. 

Obviously, its disappointing. 

And everyone realizes its happening. People understand that what they order won't look like what they receive. And yet, they keep ordering. There is like some sort of agreement between advertisers and consumers on the topic of fast food. Even if you make it look outrageously better than the real deal, I solemnly swear to continue consumer mass amounts of your burgers, fries, and tacos. 

Maybe its because, as a culture, we just can't get enough of our fast food; we thrive on it. Well, maybe thrive is the wrong word... get along. We get along with our fast food. And with out it, well let's just not think about it!

And yet, that poster still astounds me! Fast food definitely isn't as appealing in real life as it is in advertisements! In fact, if advertisements featured actual images of burgers, fries, and tacos, I would probably never want to eat them again. 

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