Monday, November 28, 2011

And we have progress!

I got emails back from both my advertising groups! The ad research group is meeting today and hopefully we'll get it all figured out. And luckily, it seams that our client for the student run ad agency is hard to get in touch with. So, there is nothing really that we can do except wait. I'm ok with that. At least I know that there is nothing I'm forgetting to do!

And I just got back from my Japanese final. I forgot my calculator though. Not something you would think you'd need for a Japanese final. But, its business Japanese and you need to know how to calculate gains and losses and such in Japanese. Of course, math is never as easy on someone else's calculator. To make it more confusing, it only calculated in exponents. Hopefully, I didn't mess up the math that badly, because I think I translated it correctly. And if I did make minor mistakes, I can only hope he likes us enough to give us half credit for effort.

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