Thursday, October 20, 2011

Long time no see!

Sorry about that; I've been really busy lately with midterms. And, to be honest, I forgot all about this blog... But, I'm back now and I'm going to attempt to be more consistent.

So recently, the most significant thing that has happened to me in relation to advertising is my acceptance into the student run advertising agency here on campus. It's called Hooper Stanford Baldwin Thomas, HSBT for short, after the streets surrounding Grady. I was so thrilled to be apart of the agency but, at the same time, I'm extremely anxious. I don't want to disgrace the agency or the client. To be honest I'm not really worried about embarrassing myself or, typically, making mistakes. Mistakes are a chance for me to learn and grow, I'd just rather not sacrifice the clients time and money to do it. As far as embarrassing myself, its pretty similar to making mistakes, I'll only let that embarrassing situation happen once before I figure out how I should have handled things. Still, if this was a perfect world, I wouldn't have to deal with either misfortune. I'd saunter into the meetings and problem solve, strategize, and organize like a pro.

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