Tuesday, September 13, 2011

loss for words

This is what I saw when I went to do the "daily" puzzle last week. Normally, I get a laugh out of All Good Lounge's ads; they are fresh with humour relevant to their TA and client. "Shame: the ultimate garnish", for example, was the tag line for the ad the previous week.

This one surprised me though. Last time I checked, STDs were a bad thing; no one wants them, people fear them. So, why do you want your establishment to be associated with them? Furthermore, beyond the negative connotations, the blatant statement that contracting an STD is a success, is a bad move ethically. In essence, they are condoning sexual relations with random strangers. Which I understand is a lifestyle choice and a subject that, when addressed properly, subject can make for hilarious material, mostly in sitcoms and comedies. But it is mostly the fact that they are stating one's night of sexual exploits are not complete until you have contracted a deadly disease.

Now, I might be missing some important double entendre or innuendo because, I don't claim to be the most socially or culturally up-to-date person. On top of that, I've never been to All Good Lounge, so they could have a drink named STD. (I don't know if I would ever try it but...) In which case, I give them props for creativity and edgy humour.

On first glance though, I'm taken aback and slightly disgusted. Although they got me to spend more time with their ad, kudos to them- that's the point, I'm probably not ever going to visit their bar now, despite all their previous ads which I really liked.

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