Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Best of the Web

This evening, or technically yesterday evening, since its now 1:00 in the morning, ADclub had an interesting "workshop" called "Best of the Web". The guy talked about websites, apps and such that were hot online right now. Not quite what I was expecting but, still worth the time.

This is ADclub's official post about the meeting. I don't see the point of re-hyperlinking all of the pages when they've already done such a wonderful job!

My absolute favorite find: Brand New
I find this topic so interesting. Its one of those "I wish I thought of it first" kind of things, you know if I had the resources to create a blog like that.

Also: folliohd
I tried to make a portfolio off tumblr, simply because I like the high res photo capabilities. But, if a website is going to the trouble of making a templet specifically for portfolios, I might as well use it right? I plan on looking into it more before I make a full scale move from tumblr to folliohd but, it looks clean and simple enough. Brilliant.

Thanks ADclub!

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